How to Wash A Canvas Bag

Washing Tips:

To maintain the integrity of the bag we recommend you spot treat the small stains and use machine washing as the last resort! But machine washing is still not recommended!
  • Only use cold water or soapy water. Because hot water causes the canvas to shrink and detergents containing bleaching ingredients may fade the canvas.
  • Do not soak and rub.
  • Scrub the small stains with a gentle brush or an old terry cloth.
  • Wash the bag by itself or in conjunction with other heavy canvas items.
  • Allow the bag to air dry on the laundry line since it maybe shrink if dried with equipment.
  • To keep the form of the linen bag, store it flat or upright after drying it outside.

Storing Tips:

  • When not in use, fill them with paper towels to retain their shape. Always use white tissue paper as magazines and newspapers can cause colour and colour transfers.
  • Never store canvas bags in plastic bags as they encourage mould formation.
  • To reduce dust gathering, use old cushion covers or cotton laundry bags for storage.